School Principals, PTA Organizers, P.E./Teachers.

Organize your next filed trip, fundraiser and gym classes.

P. E. Class field trips! Did you know if children roller skate at least once a week they burn between 876-1500 calories in an average 2 1/2 hour session? They develop muscular strength, better balance, strengthen their cardiovascular system, and build their endurance and stamina. All this while having a good time!


Have your fundraiser here. Earn money for your school and still have family oriented fun. Any fundraising benefit to support our children or a life saving event is welcomed!

Principal or Teachers:

Rewards or Awards! Perfect attendance, honor roll students, most improved students, S.A.T testing parties. We can provide additional free passes to present at any time or we can coordinate a special event at the rink for that special occasion!

We look forward to accommodating your special educational needs for a successful school year.

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